Author Review Warwick

Author Review – Robert Harris

Harris novels are impressive in the way in which they set a vivid scene at different points in history, real or imaginary. Whether it is Ancient Rome or an author-created 1960s Nazi Germany, the attention to detail and exciting plots make for a gripping read.

Not all of his novels are set in the past. The fear index is an enjoyable fast paced thriller and a race against time set in the modern day.

The one thing his books have in common is the rich detail and the degree of research that has gone into making a good story.

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Author Review Warwick

Author Review – David Downing

For spy and thriller novels set in 1930’s and 1940’s Germany, it is hard to find a better series than those featuring John Russell, written by David Downing.

Named after each Berlin train station during the period, the stories have a backdrop of peace, war and the aftermath that enveloped the city. The evolution and destruction of Berlin is interwoven with fast-paced plots and interesting recurring characters. Really enjoyable reads.

I read all six in succession and I am still disappointed that the series ended.

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