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Book Review -The Radium Girls

Cover image for The radium girls : they paid with their lives, their final fight was for justice / Kate Moore.

By Kate Moore

During World War One, young women and teens took jobs painting watch dials to make them luminous. It was considered glamorous & well paid work, using a beautiful, glittering dust touted as a new, cure-all wellness trend: radium. As the girls begin to discover the radium may not be as safe as they’d been told, they have to fight for their rights against a system that refuses to admit wrongdoing. An important piece on the imperativeness of workers rights.

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Book Review Tegan

Book Review – The Corset

By Laura Purcell

I hated this book, but I couldn’t stop reading it. One narrator is insufferable and the other suffers unrelenting misery but Purcell’s writing is evocative and engaging.

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